PROSODIGY (pronounced /prŏs’ə-di-jē) is my creation of literary art with evocative qualities,  some with apparent meaning. The name is a combination of the words: prosody (pronounced /prŏs’ə-di) the rhythm, stress, and intonation of speech; and, prodigy (pronounced /prŏd’ə-jē) a wonderful example of something.

In essence, a wonderful example of literary art that’s expressed through the stress and rhythm of speech. As a linguistic artist the intent of my work is to share, connect, relate, and facilitate transformations through poetry, prose, free verse, and spoken word.

Our lack of interconnecting on the journey of life is often a casualty by default due to the loss of access to words and language which can express a greater understanding in the meaning of life. So come take a walk with me and let’s figure it out together. ~~ENJOY~~

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